Entry #1

Epic Demo reel uploaded now without watermark

2008-12-22 07:53:59 by chrishaigh

Hey Guys thanks for checking out my profile and music I really appreciate all the messages and comments. So I've had quite afew requests to upload the Epic Demo reel I did without the Watermark as alot of ppl where saying that it was spoiling there listening pleasure. so seeing as it's Christmas I thought I would upload it for the guys who wanted it.
Hope you enjoy and please keep supporting the music there is so much great talent on NG. not that this guy needs any help getting listens but Denny is one of my favorites at the mo and a great friend please check him out too

Thanks and have a great Christmas



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2008-12-28 20:16:38

Your music is so great man! I need to learn a lot from you!
Happy holiday!


2009-03-31 20:54:09

I have to learn lots of stuffs from you, Danman87 and other people in Newgrounds.
So are you the guy who compose music for those previous Batman movies?
If yes, nice to meet you here (I think I am rude!).


2009-06-07 20:24:08